Maestro Marco De Lellis

In 2001, Mr. De Lellis moved to New York from Italy. He first worked in a variety of piano rebuilding shops to become familiar with American methods and markets.

After a short while, he opened his own restoration facility in Astoria, where his knowledge of antique furniture and keyboard instrument restoration has allowed him to offer a range of completely unique services in the American market.


Heir to three generations of Roman master craftsmen, Marco De Lellis learned the crafts of fine antique furniture and keyboard instrument restoration in several prestigious workshops, including the atelier of his grandfather Gaspare Tancredi.

Marco received his diploma in fine arts from the prestigious Liceo Artistico in Ripetta. At the age of 16 he became the chief organist and choir director in the Basilica St. Cecilia in Rome. After completing his studies, Mr. De Lellis began his apprenticeship in the third-generation workshop of his grandfather, Gaspare Tancredi, and his uncle Severino Lattanzi.

He learned the arts of Italian and French polishing and furniture reproduction at the Antonio Ticconi workshop, which maintains the Quirinale, home to many of Italy's kings, and today the residence of the Italian President.

He learned woodworking, intarsia and marquetry and worked on the restoration of the important collection at the Prince Colonna Residence. He later worked on the restoration of several private collections of furniture, and collaborated with members of the Italian Institute of Conservation and Restoration of Rome.

While continuing his work in furniture restoration, Mr. De Lellis began his apprenticeship in the restoration of keyboard instruments, not only pianos, but also fortepianos, harpsichords, clavichords, harmoniums.

Eventually he became a certified master restorer himself and opened his own studio, Il Laboratorio di Restauro, working not only on antique furniture but also on historical instruments such as fortepianos and harpsichords, as well as modern pianos, including Steinway, Bosendorfer, and Bechstein.

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He developed a following among galleries and devoted private clientele, and crafted replicas of important antiques. In his workshop, Marco developed techniques of blending antique and modern finishing processes, such as French polishing with organic lacquer and synthetic nitrocellulose, as well as the use of polyurethane and polyester.

At this time he also founded the salon "Salotto Romano," bringing together artisans and artists to share music, art, wine, and food, in the unique atmosphere of his workshop. In 2001, Mr. De Lellis moved from Italy to New York, where is currently working.

Today, Marco and his team, boasts its reputation for the minuteness, attention to detail and the quality of the materials chosen.

Among its customers, in addition to private individuals, there are architects, designers, public and private institution, general contractor  and the service offered ranges from restoration, finishing and construction of interior furnishings.

Our team

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Master of wood, himself refined musician and artist, Marco is not only “the chief” but also the soul of this laboratory of wonders.


Administrative manager
Olga's positive energy and the open smile are the entry ticket and we couldn't have better managed public relations.
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Expert Finisher
José's solid experience in traditional and modern finishes allow us to operate on a wide range of antique and contemporary objects.
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Wood preparation
Every perfectly realised work has a fundamental starting point and Vlad has an important role to obtain a high quality product.
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Shop assistant
Rejon is the youngest on the team. His work is essential in maintaining the space of the shop suitable for our work.